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SPSS Level 2

This is a special guest workshop. Join us to explore the following topics:

1) Recoding Variables and Computing New Variables Is your variable a string when it needs to be an integer? Are there ages when you need age ranges? Sessions when you need years? Do you want to include certain variables in your subtotals only if they meet certain conditions? Want to be able to do it all again next year on new data without cutting and pasting?

2) Merging Files Have you heard people talk about left join, right join and star join, or flat–to wide and wide–to flat or one-to-many joins, but don’t know how to do those? For example: how to take a have a long list by student numbers and another with post codes and want to match them up without a lot of manual work or pasting.

3) Split and Analyzed by Groups How to create totals, averages or other stats or graphs broken down by certain variables without having to do each calculation separately. 

4) Aggregate Do you have a list by student or staff member and want totals or averages by division? Or a table of multiple transactions where you want yearly totals? Or averages? Extend the pivot table you know well into a powerful, reusable tool.

5 )Restructuring Do you have your data with one row per year when you want the years in separate columns? Are degree types listed in columns when you want each one in its own row?

Friday, March 2, 2018
10:00am - 12:00pm
Map & Data Library
St. George (Downtown) Campus
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